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I tried to make a painting on a new account but it won't let me publish

i wish i could use my finger :C but still a good game!


They deleted all my paintings. I can't even find them in the gallery of the week section. Major gay

anyway of resetting your password in the future updates? was fun but got logged out.
I liked doing this one


Game over?.....


i drew a roblox noob next to another one (mines on the right)

i payed for the deluxe version, and when i tried to make an account it said the email had already been used


First painting! This social experiment is awesome


I love this game, the restricted colors give me a challenge to be more creative!!!

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What's meant to happen when you die with the 'game over' screen?
(The game glitches out and doesn't continue back to the entrance screen)


Hell yeah I did this with my mousepad >:)


noooo I closed the tab!! I did that before I knew I could create an account...

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I can't get it to work with my mousepad, how did you do it?


Fantastic game!! Question: I logged in before drawing, but didn't use deluxe, just the free version. If I get deluxe, will it remember the drawings I made on my account while I was using free? Thnx!

uhm its been so long since i came back to this game and isee that the log in bug is still there??? when i try to put my email the letters are typed backwards, pls fix it


How do i save my changes to other art

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you should really make it to where you can report drawings in someones gallery or your own. or atleast teleport to the drawing canvas that you made because someone messed up mine and wrote something bad... and i dont wanna wait for someone to find it and report it...
(its gone now and fixed but i still suggest this)


please god PLEASE let me download it on mac T-T

What is this thing?


try shooting it with the paint gun!

... or not.

I found an end to these seemingly endless rooms... but at what cost?

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Someone an unpleasant scribbling on my painting and reported it, so only the graffiti was erased. But is it a bug if the reported work remains scribbled afterwards?


This character is splendont and splendid in htf. Please watch it and love it a lot. I'd really appreciate it if you like it, too. However, it is okay to fix my work, but please refrain from covering it or damaging the original by drawing another picture, or swearing at the work. It's hard because I've been through a lot.

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sent the wrong end date, sorry about that!

Deleted 215 days ago

By far my favorite itch io game/app, just creative and fun, keep it up been here for a while now and you're the reason I made a itch io account in the first place.


this is nice :]

i liked the challenge of a limited colour palate.




it would be so cool if there was a server where you could watch other people while they paint or just socialize and you could only talk through drawing your messages and you could draw a little animation to be your character with a front and back


seems like there's something wrong with logging in rn? can't delete the previous letters and idk everything i type in is being input backwards...


l like the clever way to pay for the servers, but it's kinda dissapointing that l have to pay for some colours. Maybe you can bring over the colours from the deluxe edition to the free version and add in some more simple tools like layering and selecting into the deluxe version. But that's just what l think. And if possible can you add a feature to download the paintings you made? Thanks!


wait i dont understand now, are the pink, purple part of the deluxe edition or what


yes pink and purple along with darker shades of all the colors are available with the deluxe edition.

Is there a way to reset my password?

sick game!! had so much fun

I loveee the idea behind this; keep up the good work :)


it's upsetting to see your drawing all fucked up by someone else ;.; guess it's all part of the experience 


Yeh same. I was really disappointed by one of the changes someone made to mine. However, there's always the upside of seeing your art made into something amazing...




I just want to know if the mysterious thing that the guards (and a certain ghost) have been alluding to is only in the deluxe version. I've been enjoying the game a lot. It's just that my curiosity is killing me here...

Почему я не могу найти свой холст с эмблемой "ЧВК Вагнер"? Или удалить вздумали?


does anyone know if there's a way to either reset your password or recover your password on the steam version of the game, I accidently logged out and now I can't log back in because I forgot my password, thanks

someone putted a twin painting i edited it saying im osama bin laden


don't you dare apologize for this masterpiece


is there a way to connect a drawing tablet / drawing pen to be able to draw instead of on a mouse/ mouse pad?


thats a skill issue lmao. 


if its a screen then options -> display menu-> make main display to the device and then run the game, if just pen, then make sure with the devices software is able to reach all of your displays (if you have multiple displays) and/or the full entirety of the screen , the pens are supposed to basically be a mouse so if it is not working for the game then there might be something wrong with your pen.

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i walked in one direction for 20 min and there is no end but i think i saw all of the pictures because all the canvases in every room i entered were empty

sometimes you see exhibits like this and they are by the same person


to the person drawing dicks and swastikas on everything: great job and keep it going. oh wait. that was me. :)


You're a shitty excuse for a human being


Who's been drawing dicks?!


wtf is wrong with you


Wow, so cool that you have nothing better to do with your life and that you think dicks and swastikas are peak comedy. I bet you could be a comedian. /s

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