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More colors and different brush shapes please

here is my creation



It's so cute!!!!!


I’m impressed, this game is pure genius, it really embraces the “Delay the inevitable” theme and makes a unique and exciting experience! It is incredible how people interact in these social games and there is some awesome art already! Just, wow!

1 - 2 - 3

4 - 5

I just want to go into windowed mode and resize it, maybe even mute the music.


Literally the only thing I dislike about this is that it doesn't handle collisions well -- I spent a few minutes on an edit, but after uploading found somebody else's had beaten me to the punch. Activating an edit should definitely reserve that slot, or at least create a duplicate. Everything apart from that is super cool and beautiful, though.

you’re definitely right, making a duplicate is on the list.


should be fixed now!

Absolutely love this game!! Just wish there was an easy way to see all the art you've made and what people have added to it.


Here's my favorite edit of mine so far <3

this is my favorite photo in the entire gallery




also who is drawing her? keep doing it

Oh noes, Pekora is everywhere!

This is so fun! I love seeing what people create.

Where is the art?  I see many rooms with ghosts, and easels, but no art in frames.

You might have caught us during a server update. Does it work now?

Still no art.  Was using Firefox, works in Chromium.  There's an error message about "cross-origin requests" or maybe a null response from, and another generic error message that comes with a stacktrace of monstly anonymous webassembly calls.  


Did a random rework. Pretty fun!



Pretty interesting game/experiment. But in the webversion (Win10, Chrome) when you walk straight ahead, it always crashes when I walk into the 15th room. With an error popup "An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See you browser JavaScript console for more info. The erro was: RunTimeError: memory access out of bounds".

I think maybe unused rooms also need to be unloaded or something(?) to free up memory.

My attempt at dot art also seemed to eat up RAM and resulted in an out-of-memory error. Pity, I was enjoying it and this is a fantastic idea. (Web version, Firefox, Win10.)


It should use less memory now

one of my doodles made it to the hall of fame!


i have seen her several times around the map in different paintings and i am starting to feel unsafe


everything i see is her


POMO was here:

Deleted 306 days ago


I feel like an undo button would make the game a whole lot better. Also to lower the sensitivity on the mouse would make things easier

I am making a series of creepy faces, feel free to help the horror. :)

(1 edit) (+3)

i drew la creatura


la creatura


an attempt at nine-ball :)


I'm waisting so much time on this little game after work, I love it, very simple drawing system but amazing idea! it would be so nice to implement a way to use a drawing tablet , the mouse is so annoying haha




This is absolutely amazing man. How long will this last for ?

Because I think I'll definitely be popping back in here just to see some new art or draw some new stuff from time to time for a while lol.

Also, here are some of my pieces


by the way, if you're a perfectionist (like me) the web version might run out of mem, so you might be better off downloading (or take it as an extra challenge to just draw without altering anything)! it's a nice drawing exercise if that's a struggle of yours, because the outcome is out of your control in the end. might boot up the executable file later and dink around on that since web crashed, this is a really cool project and i would love to be a part of it! 



Loving the casual-ness of this and the feeling of community that stems just by the collaborative nature of this idea. Great job!

my drawings are the ones that have a Brazil flag and written on the PA side

pls devs.. save the "tamandua-bandeira papa" from mad pepole pls TUT


Love it!

Had fun making the cursed peter griffin and japanese commercial homer

(1 edit)

i love this

WOooo it's so amazing, my favorite game and experience it's really awesome <3


This is truly an amazing game <3 If you were to consider making a 32 bit exe too, this would be lovely <3

Here you go. Let me know if you have any issues:

OMG thank you so much, I will test it out :) I appreciate your response and help <3


This is an incredible experience, thank you so much for making this!!


Also I drew a doodle of 3 people laying in a field together and smiling!

Why are all the paintings locked?

Paintings can only be updated once! Paintings that have been "fixed" can only be rated from then on.

(1 edit)

Amazing concept. Was really fun drawing and rating other paintings

can you PLEASE make the already visited rooms unload too?

(2 edits) (+2)

this is really neat! [except for all the swastikas I found ): ]


I think it was all worth it when I saw the Hortler swastika lol

This is such a cool experience! Should be put in museums.

On a completely different topic: What asset do you use for e.g. the tutorial text box? These dialog boxes and animations look really good and I'd love to add something similar to my games.

I made it for a different game.

What a cool solution! Thank you for providing this for free!

Your YT channel is cool too. *subscribe*



It´s awesome!!

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