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Help. What is this place?

Can you add a feature that lets you change your account email/delete accounts? It turns out the email I initially used was wrong, and made a second account by accident. I even have deluxe on the first account, and I'd hate to loose it. 

Will this be available for download for mac? I would love to get the deluxe version.


why cant i see the drawinfs in the gallery 

such a wholesome concept! Humans are so cute


i cant see the end of the horizon.... HATSUNE MIKU?!!?


This is such a fun and cute idea, thank you for creating it!


Nice concept but too many bad actors drawing tits and cocks. please remove tits and cocks.

I want LORE

Such an enjoyable game!


hummer sompsoon


whoever drew that pochita i tried to do it justice


What a lovely experience!


Racism At It's Finest.

Dont Be Racist Kiddo's.

Sounds delicious



Has anyone else found this?

What the-

were you playing at night? why is it black?

Theres a button in settings if you click esc 2 times to get th esetting to show up theres one called "dark mode" it will turn black and white if you click it


Has anyone else seen this floating blue pyramid shape? It rarely shows up and seems to drift slowly from room to room randomly. If you take your eyes off of it, it disappears. Maybe it has to do with the exit?

May i ask, Are you in the normal non Premium Area?

Yes, I am. I found the statue in the above comment by going 11 blocks straight ahead of the entranc

i see alright ill try and find it


going forward 11 rooms from the entrance (room past the statue room) then go back the way you came, while going back periodically check behind you and wait a few seconds to see if it appears.


can anybody find the exit? it's like infinity lo


wait.. ITS SCP 3008 ....


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its either scp-3008 or the backrooms.. who knows lol

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 Edit: theres Homophobic People Playing This Game Now? What-..


I think i went to far...

But anyway nice game 10/10!


I saw many different people in this game LOL(more than you expect

Lol its true theres so much weird stuff if you go far enough

played on steam. nice game


I like this game very much, but as a person from another country, I can't install it, which makes me very sad

I translated the above content with translation software. I'm sorry my English is very poor

I don't know if i translated it correctly



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Damn, just lost two accounts this month. Whyyyyyy



Hot - Dog 

hehe, get it..? No? ok...

Ha.. ha... ha.....

I like it

ha ha omg 

hello i cant join the discord for some reason

What happens when you click the "discord" button in the pause menu?

For me, it just took me to a blank white screen but when I bring the link into another tab it works (not sure if it's just me though 🤷‍♂️).




what is this?


Day five of being stuck

I keep on finding these ghosts... they remind me of my parents

There is no hope for me or anyone if you enter


All is fine

Enter the museum

Become one with the art

One with the art

One with the art

One with the art

One with the art

One with the art

One with the art

One with the art

One with the art

One with the art

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Are you ok?

One with the art One with the art One with the art

do you need a taco?

One with the art One with the art One with the art

i love it saw some interesting and inspiring drawings :D

woah this is amazing!

this is so cute


whoever -max- is,just now that your art is adorbs 

amazing :0

oh cool


we need a password reset feature

you already need to type in your email to sign up anyways


Hey, I love this game especially since I love doodling, but the one thing I noticed is that I can't use my art tablet in this game which is weird because it's like a plug-in mouse. Other than that this game is my favorite! 


I'm ashamed that it took me so long to discover this game. Having played SuchArt so much over the past two years, this was a natural transition and I've already lost hours in it, even though I just started yesterday. Lawd help me


how do i make a user on this game?


the sign in table

Thank you!

this game is stil updating!

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this person drew swatiskas over my art and ruined it :( 

it really sucks that people do this :(

(edit: it seems this person is also doing it over other peoples art and not just mine!)

yeah I saw a few users doing the same thing too,ruining good art.I hope there can be a report user feature :< 

send me the link to it and I'll ask the devs to fix it in the discord

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It's so chill and collaborative - I love it. (I drew a demon with the caption "give me your liver")

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