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That's just great.

I really like this game, been having fun so far. But I found a racist drawing in the "spoopy af" gallery and I can't report it. Kinda off putting.

This is literally one of the best things ive seen on itch


the pink is kinda broken, I made her tongue and blush pink but once it was uploaded it turned grey :(


That's an amazing drawing, yeah I had my red change to yellow in one of mine. Funny bug I guess lol.🎉✨



thank you for editing mine, it looks so cool!!

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I absolutely LOVE ur artstyle Impandemonium, all ur posts seem so original to you, I can tell from far which ones you’ve made just based on the style and I love them!

ah, i saw this late but thank you so much!
i'm actually making a drawing (outside of the game) based on it right now and felt like sharing!

you make really good art. Helping other artist achieve their vision in a more detailed way is so cool. keep up the good work



omg so pretty!!

Hey, you made it to the frontpage!


I've been spamming drawings of Joel G's ENA character in their different colors.

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thanks for playing!

underrated game tbh


AGAHAHA I LOVE THIS GAME also im pompom in there pls like my art :3

the username thing is bugged for me. it enters my information backwards.

what os/browser are you using?

i'm using a chromebook while playing this.


i feel so popular :D


ur drawing amazing and funni lol


i looked at your edits and stuff and i laughed. good work painting over those swastikas lol. good to see it happen.


Not all heroes wear capes, but I do, and its a pride flag <3


that is epic B)


the login in and signing up is backwords and i cant put any . in for .com and im getting really frustrated 


Just woke up and saw one of my paintings is in favorites! ^v^


It looks awesome, congrats :D


I've noticed a bug, btw I love this game so much its genius and thank you for making it lol. So a few days ago I was playing and everything was fine and then I went to Gallery of the week and drew a drawing. I went back into normal gallery and all the paintings were gone and I couldn't log in. I went back on today and it was suddenly working again, so I tested to see if I went into the Gallery of the week to see if this was what caused it and it happened again. I've tried reloading the game and reinstalling. Just wanted to let you know, no worries though I understand its still in development, great game. Thank you :D

omg hi pebblio!! I tried to make a painting for you but wwhit31 scribbled over it :(


Hello :D yeah I found it a bit ago, thank you so much. I'm sorry that person edited it like that. I reported their edit so hopefully it gets removed. You have awesome art :D👍🎉✨

thank you so much!!!!!

Thank you too :D 👍🎉✨


THE GAME WONT LOAD ANY PAIN TINGS??? What is going on? Are the servers glitching or something?


I'm having the same problem, I can't log in and I can't see any paintings. It must be down. Hopefully it will be fixed soon :D

Yeah, the game is still down and i'm worried the developers might not fix it. And i don't know if this is just a  thing on my side but when I try to login the words i type in appear backwards and I can't login because of it.

I'm sure it will be fixed hopefully, in october the game is being put on steam I heard so they are probably busy trying to get more updates done before that. I'm sorry thats happening, I hope your game starts working soon.

What is your username in the game?

I'm Pebblio, my game has been working normally now but the other user memey time is still having issues, I'm not sure what their in game user is. Thank you so much.

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Deleted 284 days ago
Deleted 284 days ago
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Such a brilliant concept. I like to be creative, but most of the time I'm too anxious to draw. What if it doesn't look like what I want? Your gallery gives the opportunity to fix or add something to other pictures. And sometimes you just have a nice idea or a vision of a drawing. So instead of forgetting on this you can write it down on a painting as a challenge for others (as I did).

Keep up the good work!

She showed me some wonderful art pieces (and some of em were spicy and sussy)!

It freezes when I use the bucke

This is a brilliant idea!  I hope this gains more traction!

when i try to use the bucket tool on the browser version using firefox, it freezes the game and i have to reload

i cant see any of the art works besides mine


Before the room loads you will get a glimpse of the sky and its like some kind of drawing, or was it. The old guard gave the possibility of an exit so I tried to find the other wall but I've been running for some 30 mins now, I've seen some rooms with all blank pictures and still its not giving any signs that I'm near the other wall. I only see more inappropriate drawings :(

Loaded the lastest version in web, free, and deluxe and found the same problem of the hall of fame only loading the first 16 paintings

This should be fixed now

this may not be questionable but i love it 

so fun!


my drawing tablet broke today. I was forced 2 use my mouse. but hey!! this was fun!! I love this game and it is incredibly fun to play in my free time!!


It's perfect

Wallace (Guard) x Receptionist rEaL??????? I need to know.


We can neither confirm nor deny.


Finally completed this... Behold: Gojo's eye (and my horrible signature I'm sorry I don't have a tablet or stylus ;;) 


I love this game too much I'm back at it again but this time with Bald Zhongli.



but if seriously

it's really good


Hey there. Is there anyway to rezize the screen? Some parts of it are cut off

i have the same issue :(

Is there an exit in this place? also, it's kinda sad seeing a masterpiece get ruined.

No, I doubt it. And if you see art vandalism, you can always report it - with enough reports, the offending edit is rolled back and the original is reopened for editing.

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<3. also, if you see something in this style, plz dont draw a face, this is how it's supposed to be. Thanks! <3

yooo, can u please add a way to change  mouse sensitivity,I move my mouse an 1nch and my entire screen does a 160

I made Kokichi and Shuichi. i wonder if yall can find em




Tried something heh

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edit-it reminds me of that punk tactics song

Thanks <3

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