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someone played the flintstones theme and i lost it

great game

Ooh, it's working now!

Holy crap, this game is good.

whenever i press play, nothing happens and i stay stuck in the lobb

Black screen :(


Aw man, I'd love to play this game, but  as everyone else is sayin', black screen, haha.


when i try to start the game i got stuck on a black screen. I also noticed that there were no bands playing at the moment. Is the problem something to do with servers

I got the black screen to

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Game's still not working. Still stuck on the black screen :/


same im so sad D:

This is amazing, I want to make a mixtape with you all come on and play!

Making a track was so fun!!!




Ok now i'm a rockstar.


When I click start the screen goes black and nothing happens ://


It should be fixed now! Sorry about that!