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Hello, is there anywhere I can contact you? I'm willing to pay for the GPT fees to keep this game going.


Art is amazing, but every time I type the first reply it wont let me do the next one.


The server is no longer running, the GPT fees were getting to high for us.

Aww alr!

Art and idea are pretty good. I wish there would be an opportunity to replay levels without starting everything from the beginning.

Due to heavy traffic and mounting API costs, we've added a password to play. The password is "itch".

i didn't see that at first but thank goodness i did haha

the art is AMAZING!!!! i really loved the game haha it was stressful as heck


it also wont let me talk after the first response

I think it requires like chat gpt i think??


It doesnt let me talk the second time you can

for some reason i get no dialogue when i star.t the blue box shows up but its empty


Ayo man I'm too polite to shoo people away bro that was hard as hell

This has made me realise how bad I am at social interactions, thank you :D


Great game, I hate it :)

This game was so much more fun than I was expecting, tbh.  Trying to mess with the AI leads to some really ridiculous stories.

not you promoting different strokes lol

bruh the colleague wouldnt leave me alone i swear


I had so much fun playing this. I loved how intuitive it is, it surprised me with with how it seemed to understand what I was saying. It also took me a while to get what I needed to do.

I made a video on my playthrough if anyone wants to see: 


really fun~!




Amazing work :D, my first time playing a game that used generative AI, left a really nice impression, great creative use of it. was really surprised to see the responses to my inputs and super amused as well!


This game is fantastic, I love everything about it! However there's a bug where the dialogue don't change when you type an answer, and you can't type anything else

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Great Game! I like how the interactions play out! Still trying to figure out how to get by safe from that obnoxious gym bro -.- (Are they intentionally that difficult-)



...Yeah, I'mma stop this right here. My suspension of disbelief has blue-screened.

HAHA i did what you did and it kept me safe

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Great psychological horror game.