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i absolutely love this! would love to pay for a free/libre version of it <3

Hey there, your games are fantastic! How can I reach out to you?

This game can also help on the fine coordination rehab.. A hidden GEM.

insanely hard, but perfect


This should be a mobile app. Android, iOS, etc. It would be a good way to kill time and practice at the same time.

Hello swsteffes,

My name is Antonia Gates, I manage the games at I really enjoyed Fluid Lines, I think it would be a great fit on our site!

I'm writing to ask if the game is available for non-exclusive licensing. Our licenses are totally non-exclusive, so you would maintain all of the IP rights and could continue to develop and distribute the game however you'd like to.

Please let me know if it is available, and how much it would cost. I'm looking forward to discussing this with you soon!

Best regards,

Antonia Gates

Couldn't open on macOS 12.3 running on an M1 chip, removing it from quarantine doesn't help also. Nevertheless - nice tool!

Unfortunately there's no way to run mac builds on M1 macs without having the build signed by apple which is a somewhat annoying process.


The windows and HTML5 versions do not have tablet pen support. I tried checking and unchecking "Let me use my pen as a mouse in desktop apps" in Windows settings, but drawing with a tablet does not register. 

(I own an XP Pen Artist 15.6)

Also I would appreciate a Linux build if possible

I have an xp pen artist 13 pro and it works for me if I uncheck windows ink in the xppen driver. 



This is a cool idea, nice work. Have you tried putting it to use to see if it improved your drawing?

Yeah, I've been using it for a few months. The progress is slow but consistent. I find the procedural lines are the best practice. My scores are slowly but surely getting better over time. It's still good to do regular drawing practice though because there's more to drawing than abstract lines, but it definitely puts me on the right track to get more accurate instead of always just loosely doodling. 

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Is this some kind of a 'hint hint' response because of some of our terrible artwork on different strokes :')


Hadn't thought of that. Not a bad idea XD


Downvoted for not saying, "Yes, absolutely, especially your artwork in particular"