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amazing :0

oh cool


we need a password reset feature

you already need to type in your email to sign up anyways


Hey, I love this game especially since I love doodling, but the one thing I noticed is that I can't use my art tablet in this game which is weird because it's like a plug-in mouse. Other than that this game is my favorite! 


I'm ashamed that it took me so long to discover this game. Having played SuchArt so much over the past two years, this was a natural transition and I've already lost hours in it, even though I just started yesterday. Lawd help me


how do i make a user on this game?


the sign in table

Thank you!

this game is stil updating!

(1 edit) (+2)

this person drew swatiskas over my art and ruined it :( 

it really sucks that people do this :(

(edit: it seems this person is also doing it over other peoples art and not just mine!)

yeah I saw a few users doing the same thing too,ruining good art.I hope there can be a report user feature :< 

send me the link to it and I'll ask the devs to fix it in the discord

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It's so chill and collaborative - I love it. (I drew a demon with the caption "give me your liver")


im upset because i was editing someones drawing and it took me awhile, and i found it again and someone wrote blm over it! it took me so longgggg but i wasnt fast enough to submit first >:(



Drawing here is so fun, challenging, engaging and relaxing, the music is just too good.


be careful opening this game. you will lose track of time.

dibuje a un cerdito, y un segundo despues de irme hacia nose donde, se fue a la ch uhcs

were do you draw at.

any canvas that says "paint me" or "fix me"

I gave the kitty a head pat :)



what do you mean


THE LORE!!! I know it's there, give it to meee

yes there's lore :D


what a brilliant idea! stunning game!

Can you make it so that we don't have to type backwards?


If you're running the game full screen in your browser, try exiting out by hitting ESC. Then try typing again. It ended up working for me.

I forgot my password, any way to recover it?


2 things (not related to your question idk about that) first off, why did you put bussy in your name? Second off, why is damien in your name? is it a reference to EmKay or sumin?

If anyone sees:

Tiny black knight with a red plume and a big sword

Tiny blue wizard with a red ribbon and big coat

That's me!! :)

I cant sign up,because I cant use the backspace and letters are from right to left

try exiting full screen and then doing it, I heard it worked for some ppl


this game is awesome but i need password reset feature because it is annoying that i can't sign in anymore because i forgor password 💀💀💀

This game is honestly just so cool, I'm genuinely kind of addicted. There's something so fun about walking around, fixing some art or adding on, drawing your own stuff, or just looking at art in general. I never really considered myself much of an artist, but this game brought some of the best art right out of me

awesome! Glad you're having a good time!


This is a niche scenario, but I just found this game and I think it's amazing I instantly supported it by getting the deluxe version. My problem being that I want to use my tab s7 with Super Display to be able to use it to draw with on my PC but drawing with the pen doesn't work, it picks up the cursor but just doesn't draw when I press down. Works with other paint apps, if anyone knows of a fix for this would be great thanks :)

I've gotten it working, only in browser, by going to SuperDisplay settings in the app and changing input to "emulate touch" rather than native S-Pen.  Then when you connect to your device, that circle in the top left of your tablet will have an extra mode: touch, lock, crop, then a pencil.  Having that pencil mode active makes it work for me on my Tab S3.


i talked to the dude saying there was someone behind me and i decided to turn around and i saw an among us drawing.

i don't know how to feel.

dont worry (:::::


Is there any way to see your previous art that you've done?

(+1) username)

(1 edit)

I can't make an account, l will put in my email and the other info needed and it will say invalid email even though I put it correctly. Does it have something to do with the letters being backward? another thing that is weird is that I cannot backspace letters.

It's a bug - try reloading the page, if you haven't already

is the typing supposed to be backwards?

nevermind, strange bug


Does anyone like this? Made this myself.


ayyyy i saw this ingame


I'm getting flashbacks to when I went to that weird IKEA


holy shit what


Some Suggestion:

1. If you made android version, it will open the opportunity to people that don't have laptop or pc. People in my country have 1 or 2 phone but only some people have laptop

2. Add guidelines about report. i don't know what i need to report, some pic are disturbing but i'm doubt is this against the guidelines or not

thank you! and sorry for bad grammar and choice of word (^^")


This was the BEST game i ever played! There is so many drawing that actually good! And the fact you can help (or not) other is unique ! 10/10


Best atmosphere and concept. Thx for the "return in entrance" button :D !


That's really a f**** great idea !


I thought them looking at each other was funny lol

i made  spongbob's revenge or something    I couldn't color his pants brown-

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